The Game of Life Apk

The Game of Life Apk

The Game of Life
Requirements:Android 2.0+
Overview: Experience this classic board game on your phone. Go to college for a chance to make the big bucks. Start a career and get rich quick. Get married. Have a couple kids. Buy the big house with the huge mortgage.
Spin the wheel with skill and you might come out ahead. Strategy and luck will decide if you retire to lofty Millionaire Estates or lowly Countryside Acres. Compete against the game or pass-n-play with up to 3 friends. Where will THE GAME OF LIFE take you?

The main features of my implementation are:

¤ Changing the speed
¤ Changing the size of the world
¤ Changing the colors:
¤ Changing the shape of cells (11 available)
¤ Become master of the world by changing the rules:
- 18 predefined rules
- Create your own rules
¤ Library patterns (over 130):
¤ Ability to rate for the best patterns
¤ Ability to send patterns by email
¤ Create life or destroy it, simply by touching the screen!

Name        :         The Game of Life Apk

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