Naked Camera Scanner (Beta) v0. ( Apk Download

Naked Camera Scanner Apk Mediafire Download
Naked Camera Scanner (Beta)

Requires: Android 1.6+
Overview: Naked Camera Scanner (Beta) See through your friends clothes !!!

Naked Camera Scanner (Beta) See through your friends clothes !!!
Supports Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.x, and 4.x in the USA, Canada, and Latin America.
Trick your friends that you can see them naked just like google glass project. Sexygirls, Sexyladies or sexy man.
Before rating… Remember!!

It’s just a PRANK APP! FAKE!

It does use your camera and act as a scanner, but it shows some fake naked part over current camera preview, so you can FOOL YOUR FRIENDS to tell them they look like a nakedwoman naked men naked girl or nakid girl ! You can also change the naked part .Tell your friend to stand straight and than start camera scanner…adjust your camera so that its looks real , and the fun begins! Display them as true nakedwoman wallpaper and have fun.

Although this app is for above 13 years of age and for high maturity adult people. this app
Fun with Awesome Body Naked X-ray Scanner !
Choose your Target Male or Female not necessarily Naked :-) and not necessarily adult, choose between 6 sexy naked body parts, take a photo of your friend male or female, sexy or non sexy using your smart android phone camera and it will overlay that body part with the fixed one and it will show as if it has take a Naked picture, naked photo and navigator. Dont shake the phone too much to get a still static funny nude alike picture!
Shaky moves can be super funny!

You can store the sexy image in the gallery share with friends on Facebook, twitter, Email or share on other social Media.

Share what you are watching with your Facebook friends.
Stop talking about talking animals and start using naked camera scanner for free and enjoy the parties!!

Dont ask Which Camera, or What Camera you need to use, Nikon or cannon or olympus it is your own phone camera you need to use which will further act as a scanner and scans the entire body parts its not a usual Radio scanner or an X ray scanner or driver scanner or a biometric finger scanner but it is a
Naked Camera Scanner!


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