Harvest Moon v1.1 (1.1) Apk Download

Harvest Moon Apk Mediafire Download
Harvest Moon

Requires: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Farm, Lamb, Lawn, Fence ……

Farm, Lamb, Lawn, Fence …… ranch home to help the lamb to eat all the grass, to adjust the angle of the railing can change the route of its road.
It is a leisure puzzle game just like “angry bird”, Please control the angle of the baffle, and convert timmy’s routes. It fully tested your wisdom and operation. It Is a good help to kill your leisure time.

Only the most simple operation needed: click ——- you can complete all the points in the game.
1, click the lamb,to make it run
2, change the angle of the baffle to control the way of lamb
3, touch some buttons ,find the road to home

Cute animal, relaxed rhythm, free entertainment,Hope much joys and happiness for you.

Shorter operating time, higher score! Wisdom without limit, come to try your skill, Sign your name on the ranking list of the world, and share your achievements!

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