Castle Master 3D Apk v1.09 (1.09) Download

Game: Castle Master 3D 1.09 Apk
Supports: Android 2.2+
Category: Arcade & Action
Info: The top RPG & strategy game in 16 countries Castle Master after hitting iOS store is finally available for Android phones at the Google play store. Get into the world of romance around the three kingdoms with arcade battle touch. Fight in 600 endless 3D action battles. Enemy castles are attacking on your castle to take it down. God is not near you anymore, you win battles by yourself.

Castle Master 3D 1.09
With over 10 millions downloads, Castle Master 3D is becoming the top free game at the Google play store. Fight with swords in hand, customize your character with 27 weapons, many armors set and unlimited action!

Game Features :

Build facilities to upgrade your castle and recruit soldiers!
Defeat the castles of evil hordes and appoint castle lords!
Turn the tide of the war by spying and redeploying!
Win the love of Zeus’s Daughter to achieve the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade!
You can find merchants of weapons, armors, rings and potions and servants who will help you raise the loyalty of citizens and lords in town.
Don’t forget to find Zeus’s daughter, who is willing to give you the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade. Though, only the chosen one can get her love.


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