Nightmares from the Deep Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

Game: Nightmares from the Deep 1.0 Apk
Supports: Android 2.3+
Category: Brain & Puzzle
Info: The tail of a father whose girl is kidnapped by undead pirate. Now, he is in searching for her beautiful girl. The pirate has a very bad intention behind kidnapping her, he wants to resurrect his mistress from the dead with that girl’s life. The father will do anything to rescue her whether he has to sail the most deadly pirate adventure risking his life. Travel to reach the other side of the world where pirate lives, go through haunted seas, ruined forests and you unknown secrets from the past. Play this mind-bending puzzled adventure Nightmares from the Deep to save the young girls life from those pirate curses. Improve your reflexes and learn to act quickly!!

As you passes by, you will face more enemies and difficulties. The puzzles becomes more hard, but when it comes to saving your daughters life, you won’t hesitate.

Featuring 45 sea based locations with unique landscapes. Find hidden objects to help you along the way and to show the way forward. Play various mini games, if want some fun. Find tragic paths, scary locations and undead pirates, make sure you can face them all before playing this intuitive puzzle game!!

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