Yesterday Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

Game: Yesterday 1.0 Apk
Supports: Android 2.2+
Category: Arcade & Action
 The story is based on a psycho killer who is killing beggars in New York for fun. Brought to you by Indie Studio, the developers of some of the best selling games. Play this epic thriller Yesterday to solve this murder mystery and unleash more unfamiliar faces to the world. You are a young NGO volunteer, will be the first to investigate the crimes with his friend Cooper. You’ve to play various characters and thereby utilizing their unique skills that might help you in solving these crime cases. The third friend is John, who is even more skilled by he has lost him memory!!!

You must bring back the identity of John, who he was and why he end up like this and who people are behind all of this. Face many twists in the story, that want to divert you from the goal but be brave always and keep moving on. A magnificent visual style that mixes video games, movies and comics!!
Yesterday is more like a crime thriller movie with many mysteries, rats and action. The game-play is so innovative and modern. Do read the text hints, they might help you sometimes. Music is quite thrilled for the games of such type. Find yourself in the middle of things, you won’t find any way out of all this!!

Apk File
            SD Data: (sdcard/Android/obb)

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