Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Apk v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Download

Game: Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour 1.0.1 Apk
Supports: Android 2.3+
Category: Arcade & Action
Info: The most thrilling and best 3D shooting series Modern Combat is back with its most exclusive and superior version than ever known as Zero Hour. With more advanced range of weapons, realistic blast animations, real-like characters and game-play with much responsive controls it is going to distract you from everything. Added extensive support for gyroscope and much more improvements from last version!!
Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour 1.0.1 is incredibly insane for all arcade lovers that truly counts each and every second you give to the game. Perform more realistic tasks like arriving at beaches of Hawaii with boats, following squad commander and eliminating enemies you encounter meanwhile. Each level consists of many objectives along the way. There are various objectives to complete along the way before finally arriving at an extraction point!!
Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour 1.0.1
A.I. is made more stronger in Modern Combat 4 to allow only experienced players to pass through, enemies thinks like you, shoots like you and they can smell negative situations more quickly than you. This time you have to think broader and keeping finger on the trigger whole time. The combat scenarios still had that kind of mechanical feel which is typical of these games – progress a bit through the level, wipe out a group of baddies, progress a bit further, run into more baddies, and more. Enemies won’t use same skills every time to kill you, they are gonna come and attack in plenty of ways in conditions you won’t be able to defend.

The chasing and gun plays are greatly changed in Zero hour, the shoots hit the target as quickly you tap at the screen, you won’t feel any delays or slowing at any interval in the game. The graphics changed according to your moments in the game and many views lets you see as precisely you see in the real world. Quick events are as quick as they says it. Enabled with remote controls of tanks to provide you some flexibility against those smart A.I bots!

Apk             SD Data coming soon, till then use Wi-fi to download the SD cache.

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