Lode Runner Classic Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

Game: Lode Runner Classic 1.0 Apk
Supports: Android 2.2+
Category: Arcade & Action
Info: The best childhood game Lode Runner is back, the best runner game you grew up playing and top classic game of 90′s. It came up now with 150 awesome levels with the same runner experience. The graphics are kept similar to give you an original feel. Play this wonderful mixture of arcade and puzzle gaming. You play as a gold hunter who see nothing but gold. But the guards won’t let you steal it. Fool the guards climbing to ladders to reach the stacks of gold unlike other games where you just need to dodge and jump on your way.
Lode Runner classic is an android based version of the popular classic game Lode Runner. No shooting no killing, just escaping and stealing is allowed here. You can blast blocks to access lower platforms or trap pursuing enemies. Levels are placed in a stack of increasing difficulty. You will be pleased to play those addicting levels!

Featuring the similar game-play to classical Lode runner game with 150 new and unique levels. Levels gets bigger one by one and more difficult. Choose from any two game-modes, Expedition and Time Attack. Multiple play speeds – super slow to superfast action. Adjust the color palettes by yourself, Online leaderboards and multiple control schemes!!


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