Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX) apk download

Game: Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX) apk
Supports: Android 2.0+
Category: Sport

Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX) – i have already a presentiment of negative comments therefore I will tell at once that game on the fan, don’t write type comments: “Faugh, outside 2013, and here graphics 90х years, as on the Dandy etc… “. Yes, indeed here as from the first prefixes, but personally I have a graphics nostalgia on these times. This game interested me. In view of lack of adequate AI on force, graphics, game process etc (And at the most difficult level from a midfield it is possible to hammer into PESE, FIFA too too simple, at the most difficult level till 5-10 balls really to hammer, the USA in general I am silent… blows from a corner of a field and a goal), I think this 2D soccer quite can be actual, certainly it not without shortcomings, but nevertheless.

Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX) apk download

Download cool soccer game Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX)

Features of game Pocket Soccer DX (PSDX):

- 32 teams – participants of a WC 2010
- Possibility of editing of any of teams (force of the team, surname, number, skills of players, their positions)
- Almost real line-ups (From real surnames, they are distinguished only by a letter N on the end, for example XaviN, Kuzmanovichn)
- AI worthy level
- Three Modes of game (a WC, usual game and a multiplayer in a look a probitiya eleven-meter)
- It is possible to choose quality of a ball (about five different balls and at everyone the color and the characteristic which is registered below)
- Quite easy management
- Penal, angular, a penalty, cards, replacements, removals and opportunity to make any scheme in the field though 8-1-1)
- Buttons of management change in the menu (their size can be made very big and you won’t miss)


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