Dino Island apk download for android

Game: Dino Island apk
Supports: Android 2.0+
Category: arcade

Dino Island - in this game it is offered to try quality of already nonexistent dinosaurs. To play quite interestingly and full of arcade.

Dino Island apk download for android

Dino Island for android

Here it is possible to learn a lot of new about dinosaurs, the environment of their dwelling, preference and entertainment. Qualitative three-dimensional textures and pleasant atmosphere. According to the game scenario, you should get on the island where it will be necessary to grow up adult healthy individuals from absolutely tiny dinosaurs. Thus you will be able to prevent extinction of rare species. Also it is required to carry out various small tasks to earn money for purchase of structures for your farm.

Besides, it will be necessary to grow up plants for feeding of your pets. It is possible to visit islands of your friends to look as at them dinosaurs grow and what structures are on their farms. With friends it is possible to be engaged in trade and even to give gifts. In the appendix some tens species of dinosaurs are available. All of them can be crossed that allows to remove hybrid breeds. Also the farm can be decorated with 15 types of scenery that will positively be reflected in accumulation of experience and transition to new level.

Game extends free of charge and is suitable for all age groups.

Features of Dino Island:

- wide choice of the weapon and armor for fight;
- construction of mines, pastures, stone pits for preparation of resources;
- variety of ancient animals and dinosaurs;
- having won battles, receive resources for strengthening of your power;
- shop with additional options;
- use of crystals will accelerate production, will revive the lost soldiers, etc.;
- the increase in the population has no limit;
- you enter often to win gold eggs;
- finish the daily purposes to win additional awards;
- throw down a challenge to other players in a network to improve force of the armies.


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