In Darkness apk

Android game:  In Darkness apk download
Supports:  Android 2.0+
Category:  Shooter/zombi android game

In Darkness – unusual, but interesting mix of several genres. Even it is hard to say that it first of all, shooter or adventure. We wander about small levels, gloomy and terrible, we collect subjects, then we solve not a difficult riddle and we open a door for transition to the following level. It seems everything is simple, but at the same time with it, it is necessary to shoot back dead persons bloody and not so pleasant by sight who climb from all directions.

In Darkness apk

To put it briefly, and the head works also to hands not to have a rest: rofl: It is simple to stand to think it won’t turn out, it is necessary to be wound on all level backwards-forward. The cool graphics, the gloomy atmosphere, chilling shouts, groans, cries, bloody flies extensively, is realistic spreads on a floor.

You have to go through many levels filled with puzzles, adventure and fear …
Collect key items, look for clues, solve puzzles …. and do not forget to stay alive …
You will be surrounded by dark dungeons, horrible sounds, chilling screams of the crowd, and the walking dead, just one bloody frightening view …
Use the whole arsenal of weapons against the undead, but do not forget that the ammunition could end … Do not waste your time for free … hurry!


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