Clouds & Sheep premium apk full download

Game: Clouds & Sheep premium apk free download
Supports:  Android 1.6+
Category:  Arcade

Clouds & Sheep premium – they are lovely, fluffy and like to play! Lovely, fluffy and demanding your caress.  Care of herd of charming small lambs. Feed them, play with them, unite them in couples for work of posterity and become the best shepherd of all times and the people!

Clouds & Sheep premium apk full download

- Innovative casual game
- Interact with lovely sheep
- Manipulate clouds and weather
- More than 20 bonus subjects, toys and gadgets
- 33 dynamic tests
- Colourful installations
- The game which hasn’t been limited to time
- Graphics lovely to heart

Clouds & Sheep is a fascinating game in sandbox style with, matter of course, clouds and sheep. Extremely lovely sheep. The slow rhythm, quiet game and charming graphics do the game Clouds & Sheep by an ideal choice both for fans of casual games, and for more serious players who want to have a rest from excessive bloodshed and heartrending experiences of more rigid games.

If fluffy woolen lumps are well fed, healthy and cheerful, they will award you points of happiness and will bring a great number of small lambs into world. If to ignore them, ungrateful bleating animals will look angrily at you and even courage will suffice them to die! Fortunately, you can spend the points of happiness for a set of various subjects which will make your life simpler.

The good shepherd cares of the sheep, especially, when they as are lovely, as well as this herd. But, there is one problem: despite all the appeal, they aren’t too clever. If the poisonous mushroom gets to them, they will eat it. When the sun shines, they will stand right in the sun, yet won’t receive a sunstroke and when weather spoils with pleasure will stand in the rain, won’t catch a cold yet.

Thus, in addition to satisfaction of their basic needs in food and water, also you will need to rescue them from own nonsense. Though, not all here work also is a lot of game! Walking woolen balls love when with them play, and it in own way cheerfully on the one hand and adequately awards with another.


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