City Cars Racer apk free download and sd cash/obb files

Game:  City Cars Racer apk free full download
Supports:  Android 2.0+
Category:  Racing for android

City Cars Racer – popular online game of ralliyny races reaches Android devices! Choose one of 3 various cars and the way in the various district, such as canyons, the woods and snow-covered roads: Arizona, England and Alaska. City Cars Racer also allows to choose between a day and night mode of race.

City Cars Racer apk free download

Cars need the description and a specification for install more perfomance. You can go on rally, the desert, on off road terrain and many other things. Pay attention as you conduct the cars because you can strongly damage them.

New features:

- The name of a track includes road type.
- Smoke on a sled (at least “well” settings of quality).
- Dust on off road terrain (at least “well” settings of quality).
- New icon of game.
- New city car.
- “Back” the button is switched on in race.
- Elements of the interface keep quality even at low settings of graphics.
- Elements of the user interface more noticeable.
- When you will return to the main menu of your last car and a path will be chosen.
- Physics of distinction between off road terrain and a paving.
- Each car has realistic like a disk.


Sd cash/obb files


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