Hasta la Muerte apk free full download

Game: Hasta la Muerte apk free full download
Supports:  Android 2.1+
Category:  Logic

Hasta la Muerte – feel itself as the Death, having plunged into the atmosphere of this game in art house style in which everything to trifles is thought over to create unique game feelings for players: sound effects, amazing graphics, fascinating game world …

Hasta la Muerte apk free full download

Your mission: to help souls deceased to find rest and to rescue them from eternal torments. The second carelessness can have catastrophic consequences: the souls which haven’t found rest, damned and inconsolable, will continued pursue you, trying to send back to a purgatory …

There is very many games at hidden object games. One of the best game sites, hidden object games is what you need to relax! Available to all, this “survayval-platformer” offers a vigorous gameplay “catch-escape” in style of the glorified game Pacman. In a way you will meet assistants — souls of “Soulpet”.

These souls will allocate you with the abilities: speed, reserve, protection and many others. They not only will help to execute mission, but also will allow to repeat levels to find additional bonuses and the hidden treasures.

- More than 20 levels which will dip you in 2D – the world with unique graphics.
- Innovative play experience available to all.
- Find souls of Soulpet and use their unique abilities to think over new strategy and to improve the results.
- Battle to the artful scientist and his freakish creations: Meca-Angel, Cyclope and many others.


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