Advertise With Us

I can tell you following ways of Advertising through my services :-

  1. We can write a review on your product with two or more links. charges $20(US) per review. We have written a lot of reviews and met our partner’s intentions. Alternatively,if you are submitting reviews of your product,website or something else on my website then it will charge you only $ 5(US) per/article. You can submit reviews by Word document  and can email to
  2. The other way is that we can display your product as an advertisement on our blog. Please see the below rates for more details. We give special discounts for bulky subscriptions as well.
  3. We also allows Text advertisement as well. We can make text direct link to your websites or product page for promotion and that will cost you $15 per text link per month.
  4. The last option is Tab links,  we will directly make links to your website or product page through the Tabs on the homepage that will cost you 50$ per month each tab link.

Our Adverting Prices

Type Location Per month Rate  3 months rate Amount you save
Size : 125 x 125 Pixels Sidebar $40.00 $110.00 $10.00
Size : 728 x 90 Pixels Top $150.00 $400.00 $50.00
Paid Review(With 2 Do follow links) N/A $20 /Per review N/A N/A

Please let us know in what method are you interested in.